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Who's Who?

Vintage Dream Factory

Vintage Dream Factory is a Belgian non-profit organization, established to preserve the Mustang P-51 ‘SCAT VII’. 

We have established a partnership to offer the ultimate dreamflight: flying the iconic Mustang P-51 ‘SCAT VII’. We operate out of our homebase Antwerp.

We recently also added the Fouga Magister 'MT-5' to our fleet of vintage aircraft you can experience! This aircraft operates out of Antwerp airport as well.

The Aviation Factory

The Aviation Factory is a lab for exceptional initiatives in the aviation industry. By bringing together years of knowhow, a lot of creativity and product developments, we launched several novelties in aviation. The Aviation Factory organizes flights that suit you. Whether it’s a product launch or a humanitarian mission, we offer the best solution. You choose destination and timing. We help you in searching the most suitable aircraft and guide you through the process of aircraft chartering. Our stylish lounge can comfortably host up to 20 people.


FASTAERO delivers a broad array of aviation services. Our core business started with restoration, maintenance & operation of Warbirds & Classic Aircraft. Since a few years we have also been involved in maintenance of more recent high performance and aerobatic aircraft, like the Extra, Pitts, Pilatus or Cap.

We also offer advice, flight training and display flying.