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Vintage Flights

Thanks to a great cooperation with Antwerp-based Stampe & Vertongen museum, we are able to offer you the opportunity of experiencing what it was like to fly iconic vintage aircraft, such as the Fouga Magister, Stampe & Vertongen SV-4 or T-6 Harvard. Every flight is a way to support the museum and to keep these aircraft were they belong: in the sky.

 All our flights operate out of Antwerp airport.

The Aviation Factory

The Aviation Factory is a lab for exceptional initiatives in the aviation industry. By bringing together years of knowhow, a lot of creativity and product developments, we launched several novelties in aviation. The Aviation Factory organizes flights that suit you. Whether it’s a product launch or a humanitarian mission, we offer the best solution. You choose destination and timing. We help you in searching the most suitable aircraft and guide you through the process of aircraft chartering. Our stylish lounge can comfortably host up to 20 people.

Stampe & Vertongen museum

Putting aircraft in a hangar is one thing, turning it into a museum is another...

Walking through the Stampe en Vertongen Museum is an experience. Not only do you come face to face with real aircraft, but you also learn something about Antwerp and its rich aviation history while walking; witness the airport building which, when it opened in 1930, was one of the most modern of its kind in Europe and is now the only fully operational airport building from that time.

When flying in our Fouga, SV-4 or Harvard, you are directly supporting the future of this great museum.