Come and fly


Vintage Dream Factory is a Belgian non-profit organization, established to preserve the Mustang P-51 ‘SCAT VII’. We have established a partnership to offer the ultimate dreamflight: flying the iconic Mustang P-51 ‘SCAT VII’. We operate out of our homebase Antwerp. Our stylish lounge can comfortably host up to 20 people.


Technical Details

Packard Merlin
Max speed mph
Max speed kmh
Empty weight
3,5 tons
Max weight
6 tons

Take a flight

into history

The Mustang is probably the most recognized fighter of World War II. Its speed and range made it the ideal bomber escort. Our Mustang was built in 1944. It served with the 434th Fighter Squadron, 479th Fighter Group as “SCAT VII” L2-W. 

It was the personal plane of Major Robin Olds, a triple ace who scored his 4 last kills in this particular machine. It is one of those rare P-51 Mustangs who survived WWII and is now still flying in the same color scheme it had over 70 years ago.

The Ultimate Experience


  • While drinking a coffee in our comfortable lounge, you get a pre-flight briefing from your professional pilot.
    Passionate about the P-51 Mustang, he will tell you every historical detail and technical aspect.
    At the same time, there’s a talk about safety, procedures and the flight profile.
  • Our P-51 Mustang is transformed into a two-seater with dual functionality.
    The pilot adjusts the flight according to your wishes. Do you like an extreme thrill? Let him know!
  • Then it’s about time for your ultimate flight experience. This will take 30 minutes of which we guarantee 20 minutes airborne. Don’t forget to smile after take-off because a GoPro-camera runs all the time. Don’t hesitate to bring as much family and friends to watch your ‘Vintage Flight’.
  • After touch-down, you will get a full debriefing of the flight.
  • Hero-package for €2.300 all-in. Contact us for a personalized offer. 
  • Ask about our special business deals, incentive and training packages.