Come and fly


We have recently established a partnership with the Antwerp-based Stampe & Vertongen museum to support the museum and keep its vintage aircraft in the air. One of these iconic aircraft is the ex-Belgian Air Force Fouga Magister CM.170 "MT-5".


Technical Details

2 x Turbomeca Marboré
Serial Number
Max speed
715 km/h
Empty weight
2,2 tons
Max weight
3,2 tons

Take a flight

into history

The Fouga Magister played a big role in Belgian aviation history. Its distinguishable V-tail and red color make this ex-Belgian Air Force trainer recognizable and unique in every sight.

This French twin-engine jet trainer joined the Belgian Air Force in 1960 as predecessor of the Alpha Jet. Our Fouga "MT-5" was part of the famous display team "Red Devils" and is the only one retaining its original Red Devils "25 years" color scheme. After retirement from the Air Force, "MT-5" was shipped to Israel and later flew in the USA for a private owner.

In 2014, "MT-5" arrived back at its new home base in Antwerp. The aircraft received major restoration and could finally return back to the Belgian skies in 2017, where it belongs.

The Ultimate Experience


In order to keep the Fouga in the air you can sponsor the Fouga Project by donating â‚¬2.000 or more to the S&V museum. In return for your generous gift, one of our Fouga pilots will give you a unique hands on experience. For more nformation about becoming a sponsor, please contact us.