is our prime concern

Flying our passengers safely is our prime concern.

  • We invest in state of the art maintenance, focused on prevention. Our airplanes are maintained far above legal requirements.
  • We train our pilots to the highest standards.
  • We have adopted a solid set of flight procedures; focused on risk mitigation.
  • Passengers wear professional safety equipment.

Your warbird flight with us will be far more safe than any adventure sport.


trained in perfection

Our pilots are professional (airline) pilots flying for major European airlines and operators.
They combine their daily flying job with a passion for flying vintage aircraft. 
These guys have thousands of flying hours in more than 80 different aircraft types. 
They guarantee a safe and unique flight experience.

Fouga introduction flights are operated by an FAA flight instructor (FAA CFII-ME).

Bernard Van Milders

Flying Froup CEO and Passionate aviator