is our prime concern

Flying our passengers safely is our prime concern.

  • We invest in state of the art maintenance, focused on prevention. Our plane is maintained far above legal requirements by the well established FAST company.
  • We train our pilots to the highest standards.
  • We have adopted a solid set of flight procedures; focused on risk mitigation.
  • Passengers wear professional safety equipment.

Your warbird flight with us will be far more safe than any adventure sport.


trained in perfection

Our pilots are professional (airline) pilots flying for major European airlines and operators.
They combine their daily flying job with a passion for flying vintage aircraft. 
These guys have thousands of flying hours in more than 80 different aircraft types. 
They guarantee a safe and unique flight experience.

The P51 flights are operated by Vintage Dream Factory. We also provide training in association with Flying Aces Services & Training.

Fouga introduction flights are operated by an FAA flight instructor (FAA CFII-ME).

Frédéric Vormezeele

from P-51 Mustang to Boeing Stearman

Frédéric Vormezeele was born with the aviation bug in his blood, which he undoubtedly inherited from his father, Col Eric Vormezeele. Father Eric started to collect antique airplanes about 50 years ago and, Frédéric joined him in his passion at the age of 6, when he had his first hands-on experience as a mechanic on a Sea Fury.

Frédéric joined the Belgian Air cadets at age 16. In the meantime he started flying the Tiger Moth with his father and had his first solo on this aircraft. After having graduated from the Sabena Flight School at the age of 20, he started an airline career at Sabena flying the Boeing 737. Types flown are B737, B757/767, A320, A330 and A340. Frédéric is currently flying part-time as Captain with Jetairfly.

Since 1993 Frédéric has been flying airshows on aircraft ranging from P-51 Mustang to Boeing Stearman. Experience includes solo aerobatic displays as well as formation displays.

Besides his solid experience as pilot/instructor, Frédéric successfully runs a business ‘FASTAERO’, which is specializing in restoring, maintaining and flight training for vintage airplanes. Holding an A&P aircraft mechanic’s license and employing several people, he combines his management, flying and hand skills since many years.

Frédéric has a wife and a little daughter, a dog and a Pitts S2-b.

Lieven Lavaert

over 80 different aircraft types

Lieven Lavaert was also born with the aviation bug in his blood, inherited from his father who was an accomplished glider and private pilot. Lieven was the typical airport hangar kid, taking on any kind of job to pay for glider training from the age of 14. He soloed a glider on his 16th birthday to become a glider instructor by the age of 18. After having graduated from the state sponsored ‘Burgerluchtvaartschool’ he joined Sabena on the B737 in 1990.

His day-to day job is flying as an instructor and examiner with Jetairfly. Types flown are B737-200, Classic and NG’s, B747, B767 and the state of the art B787 Dreamliner.

Besides his airline job, Lieven has always been very active in general aviation as a flight instructor. He has specialized in instructing on oldtimers, taildraggers and aerobatics and has flown over 80 different aircraft types. Since 1997, Lieven has been flying airshows on aircraft ranging from the his Pitts, oldtimers formations to the Boeing 737 which he displays since many years at the Sanicole Airshow.

Besides having flown half of his 17000 hrs total flight-time in an instructional role, Lieven has held different management positions in the airline flight operations business, combining both technical, flying and management skills.

Lieven has a wife two sons, a dog and a Pitts S2-b.

Bernard Van Milders

Flying Froup CEO and Passionate aviator